Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rewarding success

Tonight was the Southeastern Louisiana University Department of Communication's annual banquet. It was an honor to recognize those who have made significant contributions during their time at the university. There was one strong theme of the evening -- service. Students who were recognized were overwhelmingly those who were heavily involved in student organizations and internships representing the university.

One student, Melissa Biehl, was given the first ever award for service to the department. As the founder of the official chapter of the Public Relations Student Society chapter on campus, and a student who attended several conferences related to her field, Melissa was deserving of this award.

Another, Ericka Johnson, is the student body vice-president, works internships and has also attended several conferences.

Finally, Clayton Cutrer spent much of his time at the university at the radio station, and worked hard to raise money for a local charity. He, along with Adelita Gomez, won recognition from KSLU radio station for their hard work.

These are just a few students honored at the banquet this evening, and I know I'm leaving out several individuals. My point wasn't necessarily to drop names, but to introduce a theme -- hard work and service. It's not all about the grades anymore. Sure, an A is great, but an A up against experience will not fare well.

The world is your wide web. Enjoy!

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