Monday, August 11, 2008

Never trust anyone over 30...

Last February, I attended the Southeast Journalism Conference at Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss. During the conference, Paul Conley, who has held senior positions at news organizations such as Knight-Ridder and CNN, advised students not to trust anyone over 30. At the time, I agreed -- I was 29.

Now, at the ripe old age of the non-trustworthy, I understand what he meant. Those of us in the field of journalism think like dinosaurs at times. While I still think the newspaper is here to stay for the time being, I also know that we must accept the changing times and embrace the new opportunities. Or die trying.

In the fall, I'll be teaching a class that will explore the Civil Rights Movement in Tangipahoa Parish. has donated the use of its "Building a New South" blog for the students. In addition, students will create a website, broadcast and print elements. It's all about convergence.

The world is your wide web ... Enjoy!