Monday, June 1, 2009

Twitter and Mobypic

I'm now officially a twittermom. There actually is a site called On this site, members tweet about being moms, enjoying motherhood and all that garbo. There is a Twilight Twitter Mom group on the twittermoms page, and it presently has almost 500 members.

On this site, I can be a photgraphy twittermom; however, this is not for me. I have a hard time printing out my photos, much less showing them off. Who really wants to see pictures of my kids anyway? I'm guilty of the occassional pulling the picture out of the wallet trick, but I try to steer clear of shoving too many of my kids' pictures in people's faces because I hate it when I get stuck in the grocery store checkout line with one of those moms -- or grandmoms!

I'm not a member of the twittermom site, so what makes me a twittermom? Tonight, I shamelessly took pictures of Shayne, my 14-year-old son, at his first summer baseball game using Mobypicture, which is hooked up to my twitter site, which is linked to my Facebook page. Through use of Mobypicture, I could upload the photo to both twitter and Facebook at the same time. I could also add a caption to the picture, much like I can do on my mobile Facebook application. The great thing is that it uploads to my twitter and Facebook account at the same time.

I was pleased with the results. I knew it would prompt my sister-in-law to make a phone call to my mother-in-law to tell her all the news of Shayne's game. They are so proud of him! Since they are three hours driving time away, it makes it easy for them to be part of the action..

So what is Mobypicture? It's an application you may download to your phone, and you may use your computer's online connection to link it to your social networking sites. At present, Mobypicture links to such networks as Youtube, Flickr, and Facebook.

Learning curve: about 10 minutes
Cost: Free

Journalists may use this picture site to upload their pictures straight from their phones to Flickr, which is a wonderful tool for creating codes to embed photographs into blog entries. Remember, most phones don't take high-resolution photographs (yet), which means the pictures will not print especially well. But for online news, camera phones will sometimes to the trick, especially if the news is breaking.

The World is your Wide Web!