Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Writing will forever be in my blood

When I graduated with my Ph.D., I declared I would never again take a test. My goal shortly afterward was that someday I would become accredited in public relations, which would require me to take a multiple choice exam.

Two-and-a-half years later, and having left that desire almost completely, I feel my first declaration may have been on the nose. Heck, I did become a college professor so I could go to school forever. The school part I like; the test part not so much.

I've always hated taking tests. I'm definitely one of those folks who is "not a good test-taker." When I took the GRE to get into graduate school, it was during about hour three that I began guessing without reading the question. At that point I didn't care whether I got my master's degree or not -- I just wanted out of that room! The room was too cold, then too hot, then stuffy ... and never comfortable.

The one thing I will never be able to say is that I've had enough writing. This year, when Gustav decided to hit Louisiana, I wanted to cover the story. I covered my family's stay in my father's mechanic shop, and I covered the fact that people with disabilities have even more special needs than usual when they are in storm situations.

I covered Voodoo Fest for NOLA.com alongside some interns this semester as well. I learned a couple things about myself that weekend. First, I'm not as old as I sometimes feel -- those acts were HOT. Second, I want to learn how to take a decent picture, darnit! I even bought a new camera -- also HOT.

As a journalist, I will never say that I never want to write again. I will continue to love this field until I take my last breath, and I will always want to learn more about it. As for journalism, I think it's either in your blood or not. I'm definitely a bleeder.

The world is your wide web. Enjoy!